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This documentation outlines everything there is to know about FPSMath.

If you're new to FPSMath, we suggest you follow this guide by clicking "Next" at the bottom of the page when you're done reading!

What is FPSMath

FPSMath is a Discord bot designed to convert video game sensitivities, FOV values, mouse feel across themselves and preset games


Why FPSMath

  • FPSMath is the only calculation bot for everything to do with video game calculations
  • Has over 20 games supported and many more are added weekly so you can convert for your favorite games
  • Supports over 5 different units of sensitivity measurement(cm/rev, MPI, arcmin, deg/mm, inch/rev)
  • Allows for custom yaw values and FoV types so even if a game is not officially supported/aliased you can still do the calculations and conversions
  • It's even open source!


For further support or feedback about the bot or the documentation.

Join the support Discord server.

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