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Remember to use the bot prefix when running a command!

Global Prefix: fps- or for Slash Commands: /

You can also use @FPSMath instead of the prefix. Example @FPSMath help

But in DMs no prefix is required

Math Commands

Command Description Usage for message commands
arcmin Converts Sensitivity to arcmin <sensitivity> <game | yaw> <CPI>
convert Converts Different Sensitivities from one game to another <sensitivity> <input game | yaw> <output game | yaw>
cm Converts Sensitivity to cm/rev <sensitivity> <game | yaw> <CPI>
deg Converts Sensitivity to deg/mm <sensitivity> <game | yaw> <CPI>
mpi Converts Sensitivity to MPI <sensitivity> <game | yaw> <CPI>
focal Focal Length Scales a desired sens between 2 fov values of the same type <sensitivity> <input FoV> <output FoV>
fov Finds the true vertical and horizontal FoV that is being displayed on screen <FoV> <game | FILM> <aspect ratio>
fovconvert Converts a FOV value from one game or film notation to another <FoV> <input game | FILM> <output game | FILM> <aspect ratio>
inch Converts Sensitivity to inch/rev <sensitivity> <game | yaw> <CPI>
sens Converts cm/rev | deg/mm | MPI | inch/rev | arcmin to a game sensitivity <sensitivity> <game | yaw> <CPI> [--cm | --deg | --inch | --mpi | --arcmin]

Miscellaneous Commands

Command Description Usage for message commands
cminfo Displays an explanation for what cm/rev (cm/360) is
gameinfo Displays the information associated for a game <game>
games Displays the supported games for this bot
info Displays the major information about this bot
invite Sends a link to invite the bot to your server
help Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command. [command]
ping Tests the latency

Usage Key

For commands that accept input, you'll see keys with the following:

  • <required> - parameters between <> must be included with the command
  • [optional] - parameters between [] are optional parameters and may be excluded
  • a | or | b - | means that you can use the parameters on either side of the symbol
  • repeat... - means that you can provide multiple parameters as input

These may be nested. Example: [parameter1 <parameter2>] means that the input is optional, but if you provide parameter1 then parameter2 is required. [parameter...] means that input is optional, and that the input can be any number of parameters.

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